Football Protective Mask
Football Protective Mask
Football Protective Mask
Football Protective Mask
Football Protective Mask
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Football Protective Mask

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Having a winning mentality is the responsibility we gave ourselves.
A winning mentality where failure never exists and where collaboration, inclusion, transparency, absolute communication, authenticity, excessive ambition, perseverance and madness is an infinite wealth. The Football Protection Mask 1.0 is the result of a winning mentality applied by the best football experts in Canada.

Football is a contact sport where the importance of having an excellent vision goes first, because without excellent vision, the risk of cerebral concussion increases.

The proposed peripheral vision is excellent and meets the specific needs of each position. ALSO The premium Velcro fastening system ensures that the mask remains in place on the helmet regardless of the impact.

The large air room composed of 3 thicknesses of quick dry 100% polyester fabrics, an interchangeable medical grade filter, a safe rubberized aluminum brooch and a velcro fastener covering the chin, allows players to have A quality breathing even at a very high heart rate and limit the propagation of droplets like never.

Key point

  • Provides quality breathing
  • Limits the propagation of droplets
  • Excellent vision no matter the played position
  • Remains in place at impact (important element of prevention of brain commotion
  • Adapts to all types of helmets
  • 3 medical grade filters included
  • Done in Canada

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